Care Medical Services was established in 1989, with the objective of providing private medical diagnosis and treatment services.
Care has set down its objective and strategy as a combination of advanced medical technology with skilled physicians, in order to provide service of high medical quality in every field in which the company is active.
Care invests considerable sums in the purchase and upgrading of medical equipment, and in parallel, also invests in human resources – the medical and para-medical staff. In recent years, Care has been working under the ISO 9001 quality standard, under the supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel.
Our commitment to service
Care has defined its objectives, aim and method:
* Provision of the required treatment using advanced and safe equipment, performed by skilled and experienced staff, while giving full explanations and information, with complete transparency and at reasonable prices.
* Dedicated treatment for every client, while protecting privacy and providing quality, fair and personal service, throughout the entire course of treatment.
At the stage of selling the service, Care will be considerate of each client’s needs, and will offer the correct and appropriate treatment, taking into account each client’s individual data and the objective of his treatment.
CARE’s staff
Currently, there are approximately 180 employees.
CARE’s divisions:
Laser Vision Correction
Vision correction by laser surgery
Aesthetics and laser
Department of Laser Hair Removal
Department for circumference reduction by ultrasound using the “”Bella Contour” instrument.
Injections to fill and treat wrinkles – Botox and hyaluronic acids
Anti-aging and mesotherapy treatments
Diagnostic Division (at the service of the health funds)
Nuclear cardiology – heart scan during exercise and at rest: Thallium, Thallium SPECT, Dobutamine.
General nuclear medicine – bone scan, thyroid gland scan, brain scan, kidney scan, salivary gland scan, SPECT scan, and others.
General cardiology – Echo Doppler for adults, children and fetuses, stress test, Holter blood pressure.
International Division
In the years 2000-2009, “Care” set up a chain of clinics specializing in laser vision correction and cataract operations in Germany, Holland and Austria.
The chain comprised 14 branches, and was sold for 22 million Euros to a Spanish company listed on the stock exchange.
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