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  • Israel’s oldest and largest medical chain
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  • Uncompromising professionalism and expertise – the medical treatment process and information on the dentists is available and transparent.
  • Expertise in management of medical services and stringent quality control

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  • Care helps organize unique funding options and convenient payment terms
  • The Israeli chain is the only one to successfully enter the Western European market – thanks to is high level of quality and professionalism.

Dental Treatment under full sedation

Care Dent offers complex dental treatments under full sedation or partial, for people suffering from dental anxiety, or for complex and lengthy treatments.  This treatment enables the execution of all types of dental treatments at one time, in one day.  The treatments are performed in private operating rooms, by a trained dental staff, in a professional environment using state-of-the-art equipment.  In dental treatment under full sedation, it is possible to perform one of more of the following procedures: fillings and root canal treatments, periodontal treatments, bone graft and sinus lift, extractions, bonding and caps, implants, etc.

Dental Implants

The unaesthetic appearance of missing teeth impacts the look of your smile and definitely hurts one’s self esteem, serving as a source of embarrassment.  Moreover, one or more missing teeth may affect the ability to speak clearly and chew properly.  Care Dent clinics offer a variety of solutions and methods for dental rehabilitation and dental implants, which are practical, aesthetic and permanent.  The treatments are performed in a professional environment by a skilled medical team with state-of-the-art equipment.  The treatments include: standard implants, special implants (expandable implants), treatments that eliminate the need for sinus lift and bone implants, immediate loading and All on 4/6.

Oral Rehabilitation Treatments

Oral rehabilitation is the planning and execution of dental treatments, designed to rehabilitate your mouth for many years to come and will let you enjoy good quality of life, chew properly, smile and speak properly.  In order to create a precise treatment plan, we must extensively understand the structure of your mouth and the expectations\limitations of the patient.  Therefore, you must take care of your mouth and gums by visiting the best dentists.  Your dentist will work closely with an oral surgeon so the rehabilitation will have a stable and proper basis and serve you for many years.  This in addition to successfully filling all the mouth’s dental functions.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgical treatment does not involve pain because it is performed with a local anesthetic (sometimes under general anesthesia, where there are a large number of treatments and/or due to the patient’s fear of dental treatment).

Orthodontics for all ages

Our teeth do not know whether they are growing in a straight or crooked manner – they just grow.  If the mouth is crowded, or if there is an obstacle,( in most cases one or more of the teeth) – theteeth tend to push each other.  Our teeth tend to move at any age, for a variety of reasons:  chewing, speech, tongue pushing, jaw tightening, gingivitis, or teeth grinding during sleep.  The result is crooked teeth.  Teeth may be straightened at any age, as long as the teeth, gums and bones are healthy.  Moving and correcting the position of the teeth are not age-dependent; however, in an adult, the facial bones and jaw structure are already set.  Consequently, in order to repair closure problems and to straighten teeth in adults, more than one type of treatment may be required and for a longer period of time.

Periodontics - Gum treatments by a periodontist

The work of a periodontist lasts years and requires the patient’s discipline and tolerance, in order to stem the spread of the problem and restore your gums to a healthy condition.

  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various forms of gum disease
  • Conducting surgical periodontic treatments for aesthetic reasons (plastic surgery)
  • Implant of bones near the teeth and gum ridge
  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases related to dental implants
  • Maintaining the basic oral hygiene and tissue maintenance
  • Surgical procedures, such as dental implants and sinus lif


Dental Aesthetics

A beautiful smile is the best way to introduce yourself.  If you smile, the world will smile back at you.

Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist removes plaque and cleans our teeth, and much more

  • Deep cleaning for patients with gum problems
  • Removing stains from the teeth by special sand blasting, using the Propi-Jet device
  • Fluoridation of the teeth
  • Training the patient regarding prevention and proper hygiene

Dental Treatment for Children

Treatment of deciduous teeth (primary teeth), permanent teeth and a combination of both.  It is very important for children to visit the dental clinic from a very early age, so we can diagnose and treat problems before they develop and become more severe.  In order to instill the child’s regular habit of visiting the dentist in order to protect the mouth and teeth, and not just as a place to go when the child is in pain.  The pediatric dentist specializes in handling children turning dental treatment into something pleasant rather than traumatic.

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