Laser Vision Correction Treatment at Care Laser 


The process of removing glasses involves a simple and short vision correction surgery that lasts just 15 minutes.  The results of the surgery improve the quality of life of many of us who suffer from the daily nuisance of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

There is no reason to settle for the inconvenience related to wearing glasses and lenses, when they can be removed, once and for all, by correcting the visual defect.

Did you know?

Thousands of laser vision correction surgeries are conducted in Israel each month, with an ‘unusually’ high level of satisfaction in the medical world:

Over 98% of patients will not need to wear glasses ever again.

Many patients who chose to remove their glasses using laser at Care Laser Clinics, cannot believe that they didn’t do so earlier and that they had suffered from the economic nuisance and inconvenience of wearing glasses and/or lenses.  The large percentage of patients is surprised to discover that this is a simple and short surgery, without pain and a very fast return to regular routine.

After the short recovery, all patients report that the laser vision correction surgery dramatically improved their quality of life:  their vision was incredibly improved, their visual acuity was significantly increased, and they were able to function naturally without limitations.

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Care Laser Laser Vision Correction Treatments

The quality of the medical equipment, the laser technology and its level of precision, the expertise of the medical staff and the clinic’s quality control are all critical factors impacting the results of the laser vision correction procedure.  Consequently, it is important to choose a clinic with state-of-the-art laser equipment that enables laser operations with the most sophisticated technology.  Care Laser clinics are on the cutting edge of technology that is rapidly developing and the treatment is conducted using the most advanced equipment.

P.R.K surgery
Lasik surgery
Zeiss Premium Laser – exclusively at Care Laser

How to choose the right surgery?   Dr. Mark Visokovsky will help you differentiate between the different types of surgeries.

Laser vision correction surgeries are conducted at Care Laser clinics using innovative and safe laser devices only, approved by the European CE, the US F.D.A., the Israel Standards Institution and the Ministry of Health:

Wave Light EX500
Zeiss Visumax (using Femtosecond Laser Technology)

Choose not to compromise, choose Care Laser

26 years of experience in the field of laser vision correction treatment
Uncompromising professionalism and expertise
The Israeli chain is the only one to successfully enter Western Europe – thanks to its quality and professionalism
Reliability and transparency – presenting a comprehensive medical file with the examination results
Expertise in managing medical services and strict quality control
Team of experienced medical experts
Commitment to service a personal support
Nationwide distribution – with over 27 branches across the country
Assistance with unique financing options and convenient payment terms
Convenient funding arrangements and special discounts to members of Kupat Holim healthcare services.

Was awarded the Public Trust for Business Integrity prize.  For further information, click here.

Did you know?
Care Laser Clinics is the only Israeli owned chain that has successfully entered the world’s most advanced and prestigious marketss:

Founder of the European Care Vision clinic chain. The chain operates 20 branches in Germany, Austria and Holland and offers medical services in the field of laser vision correction treatment.
Partner and founder of the Swiss Focuszone Clinic brand, in cooperation with Prof. Theo Zeiler (an international cornea specialist and inventor of the cross-linking treatment).

Still thinking it over?  It is natural to have a lot of questions and hesitations, especially in light of the many options and offers.   To read more frequently asked questions in the field of laser vision correction surgery, click here.

For additional questions, leave your details or dial 2273.

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