Kupat Holim Healthcare coverage

The costs of various aesthetic treatments and surgeries can often reach tens of thousands of shekels.  The good news is that members of Kupat Holim healthcare services are eligible to partial coverage for the treatments.  Members with supplementary insurance coverage at Macabi and Clalit can benefit from aesthetic treatments at reduced costs and a very low co-payment.

The 'Stars’ Method

Care’s ‘Stars’ Method is an innovative method for purchasing hair removal treatments.  The Stars method works in a flexible and convenient manner.  The customer purchases a bank of Care Stars, which he uses for his various needs.  The customer can select which areas he wishes to be treated and to which degree.  In addition, in this method, treatments may be transferred to friends and family members or purchased as a gift.

Fair & Square

Haim Hecht, in his TV program known as fair & square (yatzata tzadik), corroborated what our customers have known for a long time – professionalism requires transparency – this is a principle that has guided the Care clinics for many years.  Of all the clinics examined by the program, Care Laser was the only one that was found to work with transparency and professionalism of its sales and service.  Consequently, we were presented the Integrity, Reliability and Professionalism Award by the TV program.

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