Laser Hair Removal – Fast and Precise!

Care Laser hair removal features a variety of devices and treatment stages, suitability for darker skin tones, results and special conditions. We have gathered brief and concise information for you regarding laser hair removal, for those of you who want to know everything quickly. For those who wish to investigate further, we have added links to more extensive and comprehensive content.

Laser Hair Removal Devices

Care Laser uses only state-of-the-art equipment and laser technology, which has been proven the most effective in long term hair removal.  In addition, the wide variety of laser devices at our disposal allows us to precisely customize treatment to each patient, which can be used alternately to improve the quality of the treatment and its results.  The devices are the leading models in the world in terms of their quality and results.  These devices are approved by the U.S. FDA, the Israel Standards Institution and the Ministry of Health.  Want to know more about the laser devises used at Care Laser? Click here (Hebrew only).

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hair removal is an aesthetic procedure that removes or thins the hair that is in the process of growing and the active follicles.  There are many methods for removing hair:  shaving and cosmetic depilatories, wax, IPL epilation and laser.  Most of us want to get rid of most of the unwanted hair on our bodies, and are tired of the continued nuisance of home treatments.  Today, we all know that the laser hair removal treatments are the most efficient and convenient solution.

Want to learn more about laser hair removal treatments?  Click here (Hebrew only).

Compatibility for laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is suitable for any person with excess hair in any part of the body, as long as the hair is black or dark brown.  Moreover, today’s advanced technology enables treatment on dark toned skin, provided that appropriate devices are used, such as those used at Care Laser.  The treatments are not suitable for people with white, grey or red hair.  Moreover, laser treatment cannot be administered to people taking Accutaine (or any other medication that is sensitive to light or sun) and cancer patients, who are in the midst of chemotherapy.

Want to determine whether you are a candidate for laser hair removal?  Click here (Hebrew only).

Laser Hair Removal Results 

Permanent hair removal is an urban myth, and we must not make false promises, because we cannot promise things that we do not know with complete certainty!  We can definitely say that laser hair removal treatments are effective for many years, in most cases.

So why not permanently?  Laser hair removal succeeds in neutralizing most of the active hair follicles, but does not affect the dormant follicles.

These follicles may either grow at any time or never.  Want more information on the results of laser hair removal treatment?  Click here (Hebrew only).

Our Clinical Team 

Laser hair removal treatments are administered by clinicians   (including medical technicians, practical nurses and cosmeticians), who have undergone the appropriate training to operate the laser hair removal devices.  This training is run both by the company and the manufacturer.  Providing service and training to the clinical team are several doctors who provide solutions to problems and medical questions that arise and treatment of local burns that may result.

Are other clinics offering you treatments administered by doctors?  We don’t see any reason why a doctor should be involved in the laser treatments after having undergone intense medicals studies.  In general, these are doctors whose education is not recognized in Israel and/or do not have a license to practice medicine in Israel.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

In contrasts to many clinics, Care Laser does not sell results; rather it offers treatments of meticulous quality, assuming that good treatment achieves good results.  Choose between ‘treatment packages’ and our unique treatment known as the ‘Stars’ Method’, which offers you complete control over how your money is spent and is based on the areas you want treated and the progress of the treatment.

Want to learn more about the Care Laser Stars Method? (Hebrew only).

Promotions and benefits – Care Laser’s promotions are very popular.  Care Laser offers benefits and great promotions for laser hair removal, which vary from time to time.  Moreover, it offers a payment plan, without interest and linkage, financing arrangements and special discounts for Kupat Holim Healthcare Services members.  Want to be updated regarding promotions?  Leave your details or dial *2273.

Reliability and Integrity

Care Clinics has been honored  with the Public Trust Certification for Business Integrity.  For more information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered frequently asked questions (Hebrew only) in this field.  For additional questions, leave your details or dial 2273.

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