Special Prices for members of Kupat Holim Clalit

We know that sometimes due to financial constraints, the physical appearance we imagine for ourselves seems like a distant and unattainable dream. We wonder and contemplate when and if we will be able to put aside the necessary sum of money for surgery or treatment that can make a big difference in our appearance.  This is exactly where our collaboration with Clalit Healthcare Services comes into play.  This collaboration offers you a plan with prices that help reduce the expenses of various plastic surgery procedures.  Members with Clalit Premium coverage are eligible for plastic surgery procedures with a very low co-payment.  We invite Clalit members to take advantage of up to 70% discount on a variety of plastic surgery procedures.  Keep dreaming big and make your dreams come true!

Our Experts

Care Laser offers the best plastic surgeons in Israel and the best experts available in the field. Our staff is composed from dedicated, attentive and caring experts who put the patient’s needs at the top of their list of priorities and are committed to a high level of patient satisfaction.  All of our experts are members of the Israel Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and also serve in key positions in Israel’s leading hospitals.  In addition to their work at Care Laser, all of our surgeons participate in professional conferences, undergo training seminars in Israel and overseas and are constantly updating themselves as to the latest innovations and developments in their fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions and the desire to understand are a natural part of the process of making decisions in our lives, especially those related to medical treatment.  For your convenience, we have gathered a list of frequently asked questions regarding the various treatments that we offer at the Care Laser Clinics.  These questions include:  What is the difference between a breast lift using an implant and one without an implant?  What is the size of the most commonly used implant?  Does Kupat Holim or the insurance company help me finance the costs of breast reduction?  Can anyone interested in rhinoplasty have it performed?  These questions and other, as well as the answers are available at the following link:

Plastic surgeries at Care clinics

In order to make things clear, we made a list of all the plastic surgeries performed in Care clinics. In the list you will find basic information about each of the surgeries, suitability criteria, the goal of the surgeries and more…



A variety of plastic surgery procedures for the look you have always dreamed of, with an experienced medical team and personal support

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